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Meant as guide books for students who already knew the context, these books are written not in any current. Further explained that in the books pustaha in central tobatua country. The priest also used pustaha, books made of the bark of the alim tree, in which toba batak sacred knowledge was recorded. In his view, my profession modern secular history as practised in the academies is inextricably linked as a mode of analysis with the modern nation. Partly as a result of the mountainous nature of their territory and their fierce reputation, the toba batak remained independent and relatively isolated until. Typically written and made by a datu, a medicine man from the batak tribe of sumatra, indonesia. Pustaha ini dipastikan berasal dari batak toba, diperuntukkan kepada guru habinsaran hata ni aji dari silagalaga. Batak lite a smaller, lighter and more portable batak machine. The items on display originated in the toba batak community. Batak bark books 285 small but sometimes interesting linguistic data may be gathered. Each group has its own alphabet, perhaps via the ancient javanese kawi script rather than directly from south asia. Bark book pustaha laklak with batak writing, contains. There way of life is portrayed here, going there wonderful shaped houses, telling us, about there way of life, very interesting, told so well. Images of god in toba batak storytelling this paper examines the ways in which god the creator, the high god, is described in toba batak folktales.

Ada 5 varian aksara batak yaitu karo, pakpak, simalungun, angkolamandailing dan toba yang menunjukkan banyak kemiripan satu dan lainnya. The bark books were traditionally made from the bast of the alim tree aquilaria malaccensis. Pustaha study into the production process of the batak book. The toba batak are the largest subgroup of the batak, a group of related peoples living in the highlands of northern sumatra. A number of pens with which the batak wrote their pustaha have been preserve d in dutch ethnographic collections fischer 1914. Book of ritual knowledge pustaha toba batak people the met. Batak texts bark books pustahathe bark books are made from a strip of the smooth inner bark of the alim tree aquilaria malaccensis, which is folded accordionlike to form a number of equal sized leaves.

Original surat batak surat batak had an original set consisted of 16 syllabaric letters called ina ni surat ina mother where all the letters end in a as in english word up or spanish mama sound, and a subset of anak ni surat anak child that modifies the ending sound of ina ni surat, not unlike arabic. They deal with religious knowledge of divination, medicine, and magic. Kitab yang pertama diserahkannya kepada raja ilontungan, dan kitab kedua kepada raja isumbaon. According to a note from the museums files, a bone plate with diagram and. Batak, several closely related ethnic groups of northcentral sumatra, indonesia. Laklak pustaha ini sudah ada yang robek sehingga dijahit. The exhibits were fascinating, and frankly it wasnt easy to pick just one object to focus on. Recently sold rare pustaha from northern sumatra in indonesia. For example, it is documented that in 192526 many toba batak in the toba and samosir areas performed the gondang and in 1929 people in silindung presented a water buffalo and an ulos ceremonial shawl to a dutch officer to the accompaniment of the gondang and tortor. Batak texts bark books pustaha the bark books are made from a strip of the smooth inner bark of the alim tree aquilaria malaccensis, which is folded accordionlike to form a number of equal sized leaves. Divination book pustaha laklak 18th century toba batak people sumatra. Pdf pustaha study into the production process of the.

Early batak historyprehistoric batak not long ago ashis nandy makes the more specific charge that it is the statelessness of premodern non europeans that has denied them a history. Please see wikipedias template documentation for further citation fields. Pustahas were books describing magical practices, and were intended for use only by batak spiritual leaders and their disciples. The term is used to include the karo, pakpak, simalungun, toba, angkola, and mandailing which are related groups with distinct languages and traditional customs.

The surrounding countryside is the home of the batak, who. The largest one in population number is toba subtribe, followed in no. The text runs parallel to the folds in the bark and is read horizontally from left to right. The priest datu traditionally had a powerful role in batak society. Pustaha batak 2009 sangat cocok digunakan sebagai media pendukung belajar bahasa batak, sastra dan budaya khususnya bagi kalangan orang batak mulai dari tingkat anakanak sampai orang dewasa. A study into the production process of the batak book. Mandailing culture as an integral part of and inseparable from the national culture indonesian should be preserved as a whole given the values contained in it are many noble culture as local wisdom. Pdf pustaha ditulis di atas kulit kayu yang dilipat menggunakan mode concertina semacam akordion dan terkadang dilengkapi dengan. Disini dibuat pedoman praktis menulis batak toba saja. The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total.

On the basis of linguistic and ethnographic characteristics, the bataks can be divided into six groups. Images of god in toba batak storytelling angerler wacana. Bark book pustaha batak sumatra indonesia catawiki. Batak lands, voorhoeves detailed studies of pustaha do not indicate that any of these. Voorhoeve and others published sanskrit maandnamen in het bataks find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Contrary to the claims of previous work on the language especially cole and hermon 2008, i show that multiple, simul. This article describes the technical examination and conservation of a tree bark manuscript found t o be a batak pustaha in the paper historical collection of the dutch royal library. These were also called the book of ritual knowledge. In realizing a new cultural system, with a note without wasting elements are still relevant in the. This is cut into strips and folded concertina fashion, with ink applied to engraved lines of writing. If the inline pdf is not rendering correctly, you can download the pdf file here.

Batak lite is a new innovative equipment for the 21st century. Its the place, where the batak people, still are, totally unique, only found in this part of sumatra, on samosir island. Software ini kami rekomendasikan juga bagi kalangan di luar suku batak baik pelajar akademisi, praktisi maupun kalangan lainnya. Wooden covers are attached to the first and last leaves. Pengilhaman oleh roh sembahan leluhur dinyatakan secara implisit dalam istilah. Pustaha ini berukuran 14,2 x 12,5 cm, terdiri atas 3 9 halaman yang ditulisi pada kedua sisi. The batak of northern sumatra are grouped within the austronesian language family, although there are numerous ethnic groups, dialects, kinship systems and religious customs. This pustaha describes forms of protection against evil, and is from the special collections of the kitlvroyal netherlands institute of southeast. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page.

Media in category pustaha the following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. Firstly, i think indonesia is an absolutely fascinating country. Rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order. The terminology of batak instrumental music in northern sumatra by artur simon 1. Batak lite is simple to use, with the minimum of equipment, by one or more. Abstractthis research aims to find out the struggle of batak simalungun for. A batak manuscript book of ritual knowledge the art blog. The pustaha and the inscribed bamboo containers were used to predict the future and identify auspicious days for religious ceremonies and travel. One just wrote in words the numbers they wanted to tell.

Divination book pustaha yale university art gallery. Sep 27, 20 the exhibits were fascinating, and frankly it wasnt easy to pick just one object to focus on. Pustaha is the magic book of the toba batak people of north sumatra, indonesia. Most characteristic are the bark books known as pustaha, written on strips of bark of the alim aquilaria malaccensis tree, which is folded concertinafashion, and sometime furnished with wooden. The batak peoples of north sumatra are associated with a distinctive writing culture, with manuscripts written on a range of organic materials, primarily tree bark, bamboo and bone. The book contains magical formulas, divinations, recipes, and laws. Most batak now live in brick or cement houses, and roofs of corrugated metal sheets have replaced thatched ones even on many traditional homes. Information from its description page there is shown below. The pustaha is written and compiled by a batak magicianpriest datu. Pada tradisi suku batak seseorang hanya bisa menikah dengan orang batak yang berbeda klan sehingga jika ada yang menikah dia harus mencari pasangan hidup dari marga lain selain marganya.

All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Batak is a collective term used to identify a number of closely related austronesian ethnic groups predominantly found in north sumatra, indonesia who speak batak languages. The term batak is one of convenience, likely coined during precolonial times by indigenous outsiders e. A study into the production process of the batak book in. The term is used to include the karo, pakpak, simalungun, toba, angkola, and mandailing which are related groups with distinct languages and traditional customs adat. There was no numbers system in the ancient surat batak. This would, however, involve a lot of very tedious work. Mas gar of jakarta performs the batak song nasonang do hita nadua. Written in batak script on accordion paper, likely of alim tree bark, these books were used by the datu priests of the batak people of northern sumatra, most likely of the toba batak.

Both are written in toba batak script and language. Introduction in the north of sumatra lies lake toba, 906 meters above sea level and situated on a mountainous plateau which has an area of 1790 square kilo meters. Batak pro for sports training and fitness professionals. The pustaha from the collection of the uberseemuseum in bremen consists of 78 pages, and the beloit pustaha of 120 pages. This book deals with divination and magic ritual and was. Batak manuscripts from sumatra in the british library.

Our collection is at the moment limited to two bark books pustaha. The groups embraced by the termthe toba, the karo, the. Original surat batak writings had no spaces for separating either individual words or different sentences. Batak texts, museum of anthropology, university of michigan. Batak villages established in warlike precolonial times were ringed by a high wall of earth or sometimes stone blocks, a moat, and thick stands of bamboo. Wikipedia citation please see wikipedias template documentation for further citation fields that may be required. Apabila yang menikah adalah seseorang yang bukan dari suku batak maka dia harus diadopsi oleh salah satu marga batak berbeda klan. The batak script, natively known as surat batak, surat na sampulu sia the nineteen letters, or sisiasia, is a writing system used to write the austronesian batak languages spoken by several million people on the indonesian island of sumatra. Bataks an indonesian people living in northern sumatra and numbering about 2. The terminology of batak instrumental music in northern.

This illuminated book made of tree bark is a pustaha, written in the script of the batak people of northern sumatra. A batak manuscript book of ritual knowledge the art. Eventually i picked out the magic bark book pustaha an ancient manuscript that was used in batak rituals. The sources for this investigation are stories recorded in precolonial around 1850, colonial and postcolonial times up to 2014. Written on bamboo or bark in a cryptic script, these were primarily used by shamans. Pustaha just contained many lines of uninterrupted letters. Early batak historyprehistoric batak not long ago my. The pustaha is a book consisting of lists, tables, incantations, magical cures, and magical drawings instructing the user on the arts of preserving life, destroying life, and divination.

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