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I might use it for a birthday party for a group of girls. If youre looking for a fun activity to do in a grocery store, download this free printable walmart scavenger hunt list. As youve heard me mention before, monday nights are family night in the whimsy love home. Feb 1, 2017 walmart scavenger hunt datenightscavengerhunt. So i thought it would be a lot of fun if we had a scavenger hunt. Give everyone a set amount of time to search and decide on a place to meet once the search is done. Fun activity for students to use while out in the community, students must locate items, read prices, determine if they are under budget, plus answer a variety of questions to increase engagement.

Contains 1 three page printable department scavenger hunt for secondary life skills students with disabilities. Using the online version of the 2011 black friday circular from walmart, students solve. Below this is a link to download a free printable copy of the list. Print a copy of the scavenger hunt for each child and give each a pen or pencil. Easter egg scavenger hunt with editable clues fun with mama. This is a birthdayparty themed scavenger hunt game intended for teenagers, and played other. Pick up and look through one of the books on display at the library. I made up a scavenger hunt list for my sister and her friends. This cool item includes all the adventure of a scavenger hunt in a single, easytocarry deck. I made the clues in a way so that each of the teams will have to go from one end of the store all the. Find the books written by authors last names beginning with the letter a. Walmart scavenger hunt list walmart scavenger hunt list.

Walmart scavenger hunt fun game for bridal shower group activities and coup. Young womens scavenger hunt at target and freezer jam activity. Any ideas for items in a scavenger hunt in walmart. Use this scavenger hunt list to help your students navigate your community walmart, target, or other such convenience stores. Have some fun with the kids playing the family scavenger hunt card game. Library scavenger hunt childrens literacy initiative. Photo scavenger hunt for tweens free printable party game. A new way to black friday scavenger hunt shopping ideas. If you dont see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom v. Print them on card stock this is an affiliate link. Walmart scavenger hunt list ideas and instructions kid activities trend topic for you 2020 a bushel and a peck of fun.

Find the following items and photograph a team member with each item. A few years ago i planned a walmart scavenger hunt for the young women at church. Walmart scavenger hunt list 1,668 view halloween scavenger hunt list 4,586 view office scavenger hunt list 1,578 view internet scavenger hunt worksheet 2,252 view gettysburg scavenger huntgettysburg scavenger hunt group 1,288 view. Indoor scavenger hunt for kids free printable thrifty nw mom. The scavenger hunt requires students to locate store departments, specific items, sizes, brands, and prices. All you need to get started is whats inside this exciting package. Take this sheet, a penpencil, a calculator, and a camera to the grocery store. Have a puzzle or final clue ready for when kids have finished the scavenger hunt.

After the scavenger hunt is over, we can turn it into an art project by having them make paper bag scrap books with their images of the scavenger hunt. The list of dares has over 400 options to choose from, each. Cbi walmart scavenger hunt by nicole maury teachers pay. Its simple but has loads of items, and none of the items are especially babyish. Do any of the junk food packages include cartoon characters, celebrities. After much debate, and questioning, we finally decided that we would ride our bikes to walmart which by the way is about 3 12 miles away from my house and do a photo scavenger hunt. All require at least one member of the team to be in each photo. Scavenger hunt photo society will be hosting a photo scavenger hunt as our first semester activity. Date night with a romantic treasure hunt the tiptoe fairy. Nate loves puzzles and clues and things like that, so i know hes going to love it. Black friday scavenger hunt percent problem practice by josh. After the hunt you will get time to go spend your target gift card. Generating pdf download the game you are about to download is protected by.

Below is the secret grocery list written in homophones. The problem is we dont know of anything good and difficult to find that would make things more interesting. Find the books written by authors last names beginning with the letter m. Heather piper or aunt heather as referred to by some, is the coowner of thrill of the hunt, located in latrobe, pa. For our valentines day date night, i wanted to spice it up a little. I had hoped i could find a fun scavenger hunt online that would entertain the girls, but found most of the ideas online were merely a hunt for miscellaneous items in the store.

I decided i was going to create a romantic treasure hunt just for him. We will be dividing everyone into groups of four, some new students and some older students, so everyone can. Momof6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. Copies of the photo scavenger hunt list you can get your free printables at the bottom of this post. Photo scavenger hunt mall thumbnail some are good for our downtown this is a scavenger hunt list i made for the mall. Im and me and some of my friends are getting together at walmart to do a scavenger hunt. In this activity, students task is to complete percent a scavenger hunt. Make memories with a family digital scavenger hunt. You will be investigating the foods you like and some healthy alternatives that you would actually eat. See more ideas about wedding, wedding scavenger hunts and wedding games. An excellent game to play if youre a plastered xavier university freshmanor, just another reason i dropped out to be a lush and work at the omni netherlands plaza.

The walmart where i live is being redone, and everything is in a different order. Momof6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional. You can type in your own clues to make the hunt more suitable to the age group. Walmart scavenger hunt list heres a list of 20 items that you should be able to find in your local walmart but will be spread out all over the store so that theyre not too easy to find. You know philhes the cool sophomore who lives two blocks off campus and seems to have a neverending supply of cheap beer and pot. Find the following junk foods at the store or in your pantry at home, and list their nutrition facts in the chart below. Grab all your friends and go to your friend phils house. The grocery list scavenger hunt the cia agent was a very private man. This family card game can be played outdoors or inside and is ideal for two or more people ages 6 and over. This easter egg scavenger hunt has editable clues which would be perfect for a preschool, elementary and even an adult themed egg hunt.

A few days ago we pulled the first activity out of our summer bucket list. Before the party itself i went to a super walmart with a few friends who helped me scope out clues. For my daughters th birthday we had a scavenger hunt at walmart. All team members need to stay with their team at all times. Answer key for ribbon location scavenger hunt activity 1 1. Community based instruction worksheets teachers pay teachers. A digital scavenger hunt is a list of photos to be taken. Communitybased instruction scavenger hunt to dicks sporting goods store. Scavenger hunt party plan for a kids birthday party ideas for invitations, decorations, activities and more, shared by the party host rebecca in crossett, ar usa titled scavenger hunt teens yr. The photo scavenger hunt is intended for even though i created this photo scavenger hunt for my 6th graders, i think it would work equally well for littler kids, say older elementary, and for teens and even groups of adults. We will be dividing everyone into groups of four, some new students and some older students, so everyone can meet new people and learn from each other. The teams that are late will receive a time penalty. Photo scavenger hunt at walmart it is the second day of our spectacular summer finale, and aimee and i had another adventure worthy of the amazing title.

Walmart scavenger hunt list find all of the items listed below and take photos of them. This listing is for a digital pdf file that you can print on your home computer. On this page you can read or download answer key for ribbon location scavenger hunt activity 1 1 in pdf format. The grocery list scavenger hunt perfect party games. Each team will need to complete as many items on the list in the allotted time. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word that has a different meaning. Describe the colors and images used on the packaging of the above junk foods.

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