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The first blood dvd was released on february 11, 2003 and has the following regular episodes and special and exclusive content. Aubrey ankrum born 1972 is an american screenwriter, animator and graphic artist. Upon purchase, the buyer was allowed to download the drm free video files to their own computer. These laughoutloudfunny minuteslong vignettes were produced gleefully for immatureminded adults like you and me, care of. Free happy fish 2 bluray cover 20 3d german ready to download and print. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more.

Happy tree friends still alive pr by happy tree friends 40,553 views. I found this very amusing at first, but the humor was wearing off by the time i finished all three options on the last smootchie. Wrapping up the video roundup is mondo medias dvd release of happy tree friends volume 1. Dogsnack butt snack episode 1 by rug burn 1,850 views. See how life is like for the fragile yet strong tree friends and the new townspeople. Happy tree friends is the cult cartoon sensation with over 1 billion views. Happy tree friends features a cast of adorable forest creatures prone to appallingly gory accidents as they go about their daily, happy golucky routines.

Deep space 69 season 3 unrated by deep space 69 33,942 views. Meet cuddles the rabbit, flakey the dandruffridden porcupine, sniffles the brainy anteater, lumpy the moose, toothy the beaver, giggles the chipmunk, handy the. First blood dvd cover 2002 r2 german ready to download and print. It was developed by stainless games and sega for xbox live arcade on the xbox 360 and the pc. Meet cuddles the rabbit, flakey the dandruffridden porcupine, sniffles the brainy anteater, lumpy the moose, toothy the beaver, giggles the chipmunk, handy the handless carpenter beaver, petunia the sweetsmelling skunk, nutty the glasseyed sweetsloving.

A happy tree friends roleplay consisting of all the characters in the show. It is about the adventures of four characters the mole, flippy. Second serving dvd cover 2003 r2 german ready to download and print. He is mostly known as one of the creators of the popular flash cartoon happy tree friends. Happy tree friends seems to enjoy playing the part of the parodied subject without providing any deeper context to the mishaps on screen. Free online german bluray movie dvd cover art library.

The call dvd cover 2002 r1 ready to download and print. Happy tree friends volume 1 first blood is the first distribution in region 4 even though a region free pal version is available from the htf website. For the purposes of this comment, the version i watched was the european region 2 dvd of this first volume. He was first voiced by rhode montijo season 1 season 2 and is currently voiced by. This is a list of the dvds released for happy tree friends.

List of happy tree friends home video releases wikipedia. Happy tree friends is one of the funniest flash cartoons online, but you really do have to like stuff that has a. Delta leisure group plc new sound with new warning screen 2015 dvd uk logo hd 50fps duration. There was also an ios game titled happy tree friends. Each gallery might contain multiple covers, with a free account you can only download first cover from the gallery at a lower resolution. Happy tree friends 1999, farce of the penguins 2006, yellowbird 2014, doogal 2006, boonie bears. Each episode revolves around the characters enduring accidental events of bloodshed, pain, dismemberment andor death.

First blood 2002 v celebrity deathmatch 7 episodes, 2000 2002 tv happy tree friends, volume 2. The best part of this is that it really works like a tv show it has a minor plot and has secondary casting of other tree friends that live in this small town and gives it a nice home like feel to it, the serries is gory in true happy tree friend style and will make the hard core fans of the show rejoice with pleasure. The imagination, and creativity involved in making these episodes is unbelievable. Each smootchie features a different happy tree friends character, and each offers 3 buttons that lead to various disturbing deaths for the character in question. Next time i was in the video store, i was chuffed to see this, though it only caught my eye as i was passing the kids videos. Happy tree friends is an american adult animated web series created by aubrey ankrum. Since i fit the description i therefore love these episodes. The cartoon is drawn in simple appearance and combines cute forest animals with extreme graphic violence. I caught one of these on late night tv, probably as i was hopping to bbc parliament dont ask, so it made a pleasant change. With peter herrmann, liz stewart, aubrey ankrum, dana belben. Extras include commentary from creator kenn navarro and writers ken pontac and david ichioka, storyboards, the voices of happy tree friends, and behindthescenes. Season 1 volume 3 movie description the blood keeps flowing in volume 3 of this tv series with 9 more brightly colored segments of vivid violence from season 1, plus another smattering of never before seen bonus features.

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