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Its nearly done but there are still a few garbled wordsphrasesbars. Lux is considered a pioneer and legend in battle rap. Calicoe, a battler out of detroit, had previously defeated math hoffa the year before at summer madness 1, staking his claim as a force to be reckoned with. Or calicoe versus cortez or somethin i wanted yall to get to see. It was supposed to go down and into the history books just like thatjust the way they saw it. It just be all wordplay, sound like some nursery shit. Lux opened up about his battle versus calicoe and his battles of the past. Power to the people, we back to do maintenance yeah, yeah, we gon rock like crack when it came in you know, this work hard as the latin invasion for. Make sure you subscribe for more battles, news, and music.

Url best rounds loaded lux 1st rnd full vs calicoe. Lux, after years of absence, returned for his first battle in some time, and the hype was through the roof. Loaded lux vs calicoe a classical rap battle lyrics transcript in music, the grinder on september 14, 2012 at 8. Loaded lux vs calicoe, polish subtitles, polskie napisy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So i was probably talking about a bunch of nonsense. Loaded lux vs hollow da don transcription and analysis im trying to get this battle transcribed properly. Loaded lux vs calicoe a classical rap battle lyrics. U dubb presents loaded lux vs hollow da don full hd. Loaded lux explains how his fathers work ethic inspired you gon. Loaded lux full exclusive interview on his start, the calicoe battle, the state of ny hip hop 2014 hd. Loaded lux funeral arrangements for calicoe summer madness 2. Loaded lux, a harlem native, is a battle rap legend with an extensive. Bootleg loaded lux vs calicoe audio only 770893016h.

Loaded lux draws parallels between battle rap, fatherhood. Full and accurate lyrics for loaded lux vs calicoe from urltv. Envy did great, which is some nonsensical bullshit, straight out of elis book. People ask me whatd i take this battle fo cause ima kill kkkkillkillkkkill calicoe i came in the game, me and dose, the gymnasium click clack boom. This might have been what turned me onto the underground. More great battles coming july 27th at our annihilation event. They didnt even book you niggas rooms, i told em harlem hospital. But yall gon leave givin headcounts they didnt even book you ns. This was loaded lux s first battle back in the url after a long break. They didnt even book you niggas rooms, i told em harlem hospital giving beds out. For the last 10 years them legends been living through us cause they got no voice. Remember goodz was talking about a patent leather vest.

It was a statement that url was here to stay and will be here forever. Many words have been said about this legendary battle, and at least one. This was loaded luxs first battle back in the url after a long break. If pat keeps this going he could get a huge following to entertain even if not battling. Calicoe it has reached heights that no battle has ever seen. Its for my niggas up north getting full on that jack mac another smack back, i got a sucker to back smack they gon love this enough shit talkin, time to. Hold on, hold onlet me get it together, says lux, his voice unusually shaky. Seeing him with shaq, method man and others just talking is dope. They didnt even book you niggas rooms, i told em harlem hospital givin. The most anticipated battle of 2017 is finally here.

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